Unbranded - UB401

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First Impressions

When I first held up the jeans fresh out of the box, I noticed how beautiful the color was; it boasted a very deep indigo hue. Copper toned buttons and rivets accentuated the dark color of the jeans. As per description, it has a button fly opposed to the common zip fly. The denim felt very stiff, almost like cardboard.

The denim was moderately difficult to put on and fit pretty tightly around my legs and waist. After strolling around the house and walking the dog, the jeans stretched out and molded to me. I experienced about a 0.5-1 inch of stretch in the waistline but little to no stretch in other areas; maybe that will change over time. The 34 inseam was a bit too long for me, but two cuffs solved that problem; however I will probably get them hemmed in the future.

I was genuinely surprised on how well the jeans fit me. Every single pair of denim in my drawer has been altered to some extent; the UB401 already felt tailored for me out of the box. Its slim top block combined with an ultra taper from the knee to the ankle (6.5 inch leg opening at size 32) gives a very pleasing silhouette and aesthetic fit.

Some comparisons to jeans I own/have owned:

For reference I am 5'11" - 6'0" 160 lb.

Brand - Cut Comparison
Levi's - 511 511's have less room in the thighs and butt while having a wider leg opening. Never been a fan of this cut.
Levi's - 508 508's are very similar to UB401's. They have a tad more room in the thighs while the taper down to the ankle isn't as severe. Very comparable to the UB401s.
Levi's - 522 From the crotch down, the 522 is basically the same as the 508, just one size down. I have laid my 31w 522s over my 30w 508s, and they are almost exactly the same down the legs. The 522 has about an inch-and-a-half higher rise (source).
Gap - Selvege Skinny Similar to the 511's with less room in the thighs and a wider leg opening.
However, the taper is definitely more pronounced on the 484's than the 511's.
J.Crew - 484 There is less thighs and butt space in these than the UB401s. However the taper is not bad at all, narrowing down to a 7 inch leg opening at the ankle.
Uniqlo - Stretch Selvedge Too hard to compare - these are such a hassle to size as they go from skin tight to two sizes too big in a couple months of daily wear.
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