I1IT Silver Bar Necklace

If you've been keeping up with my other posts, you know I'm obnoxiously picky about my purchases. I like nice things, and I'll go without something before I settle for anything less than perfect. All this leads to me being a pretty responsible consumer - the first time I pick up some piece that's new to me, like a necklace, I make it a point to get exactly what I want while spending as little as possible. If it works for me, I'll go back one day and go big. Think of it as a trial run, or whatever.

Every once in a while, my trial runs are more than I could ever ask for.

Take it for a spin.

Why Jewelry?

If you guys haven't gotten the chance to check out my primer on Men's Jewelry and you have a few minutes to spare, go ahead! I hope you'll see that these things have played an important role in the development of my style over the past few years. I highly recommend it to anyone who isn't content with goin' with the flow.

Amazon Handmade

If you guys haven't heard about the Amazon Handmade store yet, I strongly suggest you check it out. Seriously, it's like Etsy but I don't feel weird going there. You even get a little picture of your artisan right next to the item at hand. This type of handmade-marketplace is great because you have a very personal connection with the manufacturer. If you're getting something from regular Amazon I can almost gaurantee it was bought through Alibaba or some other wholesale retailer of fine foreign goods. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but the alternative here is pretty great. On Amazon Handmade stores, you can get in direct contact with the person making your item. In my experience, they're happy to customize things. If you see a product you almost love (like this silver cuff for example) but you just can't stand the way the text makes you feel like an overly sentimental pre-teen, shoot them a message and request one without any engraving. They'll more than likely be happy to work with you.

Check it out
"...the way black leather and silver work together..."

Why This Necklace?

So why did I choose this necklace? For starters, I love silver jewelry - there's something about the way it dulls over time that leaves me staring at it like that cute girl one seat diagonally in front of me in 8th grade that I probably should have spoken to more than twice. Its alluring - that straight-out-the-box shinyness is nice, but it gets even better over time as a nice dulling effect takes over and the little scuffs and scratches come out to play.

So I needed something silver. That narrowed it down. A lot. Another primary concern as I shop, obviously, is budget. I wasn't sure if I was going to get much mileage out a necklace. I mean, I love my silver bracelet, but this is entirely different - its like a bracelet for my neck...??? So I did what any responsible consumer would do - I found the cheapest one that checked all my boxes.

Those boxes were surprisingly hard to check. As you guys likely know by now, I strive to dress in an aggressively-understated-yet-still-interesting kind of way. There's something that /u/tttigre once said while describing an IISE backpack,

"In terms of my general style, this backpack fits it like no other pack I've found: very unassuming and pedestrian at first glance, but a second glance and further inspection reveals some unique details and thoughtful design that set it out from the pack." - /u/tttigre

I honestly think this quote laid the foundation for my pursuit of an interesting and understated wardrobe. Better yet, this quote perfectly describes how I see this necklace - a lot of people expect to see a cross when they ask about it, I suppose living in the bible belt does things to people. The glint of curiosity in their eyes when I pull it out of my shirt makes my day a little bit better, every time.

Its going well so far - some girl at a bar told me it works with my hair length which somehow worked with something else (it was late sorry) all before that dude she was with made it back from the bathroom - so I guess you could say it's an resounding success. Depending on how the next few weeks go, maybe I'll go bigger (dibs) sometime soon.

inb4 patina

Final Thoughts

I still don't know how I feel about necklaces as a whole and I'm still pretty wary about dropping real cash on one. But I've been wearing it a lot lately and I've come to the conclusion that I'll either wear it or my silver cuff - probably not both at once. As much as I'd love to be decked out in silver all day every day, I just don't think it would jive with 'me' or whatever. However, I've been toying with this in combination with my black leather wrap bracelet. I freaking love the way black leather and silver work together, although I'm still working on perfecting the look. But hey... aren't we all?

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