Common Projects Vintage White Achilles Low

I’d like to go beyond “OMG WHO PAYS THAT MUCH FOR SNEAKERS” if we can.
Can we? I think so.


Design is probably their biggest selling point. There are so many ‘cp alteratives’ on the market, its obvious that this brand is doing something right. But I must say, it’s a breath of fresh air with the redesigned b-ball and the new gum soles. Let’s just go ahead and talk about the gold numbering right now. Hnnng. I’ve had a soft spot for a while on labeling like that. The implied organization just makes me smile every time I look down.


They don’t mess around with design; they know exactly what they’re doing and they do it well. They might miss the mark sometimes but I like seeing what they come out with.

Theres something to be said about a brand like Common Projects. Their consistency in design is in its own league, the likes of the ‘permanent collections’ found in some top tier fashion houses. They vary outside of this realm of consistency with seasonal releases, but you can always counting on each of their models riding the same wave.


Construction is very good, leather is soft and the sole doesn’t wear down quickly. They feel noticeably nicer than regular sneakers. They age extraordinarily well. Even the sole is pretty… somehow the rubber is supple.

Brand Philosophy

Somehow, these sneakers seem equally mature and playful. They’re not serious and stern, nor are they juvenile. Like the old friend that ditched everyone to go his own way, he knows how much he has going for him, but he can still come back and kick it with the old crew. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, so to speak.


Comfort is not emphasized. They could do with some padding in a sole as they feel like you’re wearing dress shoes rather than sneakers.

Some might argue that the gold letting is unnecessary and overly distracting on every model which isn’t white.

This brand fits a niche style. They may not be for everyone, no matter how simple they are.

No half sizes available - just buy up a size and wear thicker socks or add an insole.


I’ve debated selling mine a few times, but I always come back to liking the niche that they fill in my wardrobe. I don’t wear them very often but I’m glad that they’re there as an option.

When I do put them on, though… it’s gonna be a good day.

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