Amazon Button Downs

Directly from Amazon, regarding their new button downs:

100% Supima Cotton. Imported. Machine Washable. Button Down Collar. No chest pocket. Manufactured in Indonesia. Top two buttons optimally placed for wearing with a tie or the collar open. Seams are taped along 7 points so they lay flat, even after washing. The buttons are shatter resistant, tested to withstand the weight of pressing if professionally laundered. Button threads are reinforced so the buttons stay in place over time. If you are not satisfied with our shirts at any time, we are happy to give you a full refund. The Fitted shirt is cut 2.5 inches slimmer through the chest and 2 inches slimmer in the waist as compared to our Classic Fit shirt. It has a versatile length that looks sharp tucked in or untucked. Available in 72 size combinations for a more precise fit, including Big & Tall sizes. We recommend measuring your sleeve length to order the correct size.

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You may have skipped over that paragraph so let me point out the important stuff.

If you are not satisfied with our shirts at any time, we are happy to give you a full refund.

Amazon’s return policy is notoriously phenomenal. One time I dropped $500 on a second hand camera that originally goes for $1700, thinking I was getting the steal of a lifetime. Turns out it was a phishing scam. I had a pretty bad feeling in my stomach but I never had to say a word and Amazon got the money back into my account asap. I guess this little anecdote is completely unrelated as Amazon probably won’t try to steal your Amazon account information, but the point I’m trying to make here is that its really easy to get your money back if you change your mind.

Available in 72 sizes.

Its worth mentioning the impact of how many sizes Amazon offers here. Amazon is really appealing to everyone with this new product. For example, people with a thicker-than-average neck. Before Amazon, they would be forced to buy custom made shirts that run $150 (or more) per shirt. With Amazon's new product on the market, more people than ever that fall outside the existing "average body type" standards will now be able to order take their own measurements, determine which of the 72 options fits them best, and get a great fit for an outstanding price.

So… Amazon puts a $39 price tag on a shirt thats supposedly higher quality than some $50 and even $90 shirts.
well… is Amazon just blowing hot air with these button downs?


Packaging is standard among most Amazon purchases - you aren’t looking at a luxury unboxing experience. But hey, I’d rather save a few bucks than have another box that I somehow feel the need to keep (probably because I paid extra for that shit). Objectively speaking, there are no pins in the packaging so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of them all if you want to return the shirt. Instead of pins, there’s some cool clips to keep everything tight and tidy. Personally, I’m a huge fan of Amazon’s frustration-free packaging movement.


They chose to use Supima (sometimes called Pima) cotton. This kind of cotton is made from a special, extra long staple cotton that is only grown in the USA. Pima cotton is the Rolls Royce of cotton and is known for its silky feel, lustrous sheen and exceptional durability. The fabric is a very good broadcloth fabric with dense weave. It has a very slight sheen to it when new. Like most white smooth broadcloth shirts, it is slightly transparent, which isn’t a fault per se, but should be noted if you were thinking of opaque fabrics like oxfords or chambrays. The thread count while not specified looks high, and feels like a two-ply fabric.

The stitching density is very high, measures to about 1mm per stitch, and runs approximately 5mm from the edge. It looks refined and has very little puckering after washing. The side seam is single stitched, which results in a very clean elegant finish in combination with the relatively narrow 5mm stitch-to-edge distance. The buttons are standard diameter but also relatively thick “mother of pearl” types. They are secured tightly with a very good solid cross stitching. The buttonholes are also very cleanly finished without any loose threads.

According to an Amazon reviewer who had their shirt professionally dry cleaned, the shirt came back from the cleaners with little to no starchiness. “Shirt came out crisp and like new. Soft to the touch but holding it’s form.” Sounds about right.

The material is nice and thick and it seems as though it will wear very nicely. It’s survived a few wash/dries already, it lives up to wrinkle free promises with proper care. Great for rushing out the door to work in the morning when you don’t have time to iron. Construction seems sound and the buttons are sewed on well.

All in all, I have high hopes for this line moving forward



Fit Comments

It’s of a very decent length that doesn’t feel shrunken like many “fitted” cut shirts. It is a bit on the “fuller” side of “fitted.” Perhaps the sleeves don’t really taper as much as I’d like.

Anecdotal Fit Comparisons

Fit is very slightly looser than a Brooks Brother’s slim.

Compared to BB’s Regent fit, it’s half an inch slimmer in the chest but half an inch larger in the waist, which would make it boxier (2" drop vs BB’s 3" drop).

It was slightly larger (width-wise) but very close to J Crew’s Tailored fit. However, it was much longer, which makes it better for tucking in.

Slightly boxier than Joseph A Bank’s Slim fit.

Specific Sizing Charts Available in Item Listings


Overall, I’m impressed for the price. I wish they were a bit more fitted, but I can live with it and put it in the normal rotation. Worst case scenario, I’d just take it to the tailor and get a perfect shirt for less than what I’d pay at Brooks Brothers. I think they’re a damn good deal given the price.