"Its subtle and simple enough to be eye catching without being gaudy."
- /u/sconleye

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First Impressions

When /u/jayhilly reached out to me to write a review for something available on Amazon, I immediately jumped to Naked and Famous' button down shirts. Amazon carries a whole bunch of Naked and Famous jeans, shirts, and jackets. Most importantly, Amazon tends to have these things at strangely good prices.

N&F Shirting

My office job leaves me in button down shirts most days, so I try to add a bit to my day to day looks with interesting patterns. N&F makes some of the best. I own three of these shirts now, and this Kimono Snowflake print is one of my favorites. The pattern is subtle and simple enough to be eye catching without being gaudy and creates an interesting textured effect from far away. The fabric is almost translucent in the right light and the white pattern really pops in contrast.

Ethics and Material Matters

It’s important to me that my clothes are made ethically and sustainably. Unfortunately for my wallet, Naked and Famous makes all of their products in Canada. This shirt is made with a heavy, slightly textured cotton that makes it extremely sturdy, but perhaps a little too thick to wear in the summer.

Sizing Advice

Naked and Famous describes these shirts as a “Regular Fit” but I find that they run quite slim. I generally take a medium or a slim large, and this shirt is definitely smaller and slimmer than both. Still, the cut is extremely flattering and the length is perfect to wear untucked. The heaviness of the fabric helps to ensure that the sides never flare out like so many other button downs, and the shirt never loses its shape even after a long day's wear.


The shirt’s button down collar is a reasonable size, but I wish it were a little bigger. It’s very flat and doesn’t have much of a roll, but it works well with the style of the shirt. My only real complaint is that the lack of gauntlet buttons (the button between the cuff and the sleeve) makes it difficult to get the sleeves to roll nicely.

"Overall, I’m incredibly pleased with this shirt and can’t wait to add it into my rotation." - /u/sconleye

Available Here

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